So a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to shoot my first two music videos with two great bands; the first being with a band named Terrestrial, who I shall be posting more about over the coming days, and the second was with Reverbed, a great band from doncaster who have been regular customers for my photo services over the past few years.

We shot on location in an empty swimming pool, and wanted to keep the video to performance only shots. Everything was pretty much ready to go as soon as I arrived, the lighting already set up, the equipment arranged accordingly.

Before starting to get the video footage we decided to do some photos that could be launched alongside the video and display the bands new and more formal looking image.

The whole day went smoothly and many cups of coffee and 4 sweaty band members later (and a sweaty Dom) we wrapped up and backed up the footage onto a laptop. Then I was away to upload the footage on my computer and spend many hours choosing the clips I wanted to use.

Below is the final video and a promo shot of the band. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure you watch the video in 1080p to get the best quality everything!

Please check out Reverbed here.